Big things have small beginnings


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Co-working your way


As a INQB8ME member, you gain access to a network of like-minded entrepreneurs, startups and other small businesses.


We encourage members to connect with other each other by providing our community with complimentary snacks and beverages in the café, hosting free events at INQB8ME, and giving them access to ping pong, PS4 and other games.


We also provide our members with a number of perks and discounts to our partner companies.







Accessible 24/7 via KeyFob/Keycard, any subscriber to the INQB8 ME facility will be able to get work done when needed.


Full color, high definition video security system will help anyone working late to feel safe, knowing the building is covered and controlled access only.


    INQB8ME Amenities


  • Shared or private work space
  • Conference rooms
  • Private Offices
  • Receptionist
  • WIFI and hard wire ethernet
  • Multiple format 3D printers
  • Printed Circuit Board Prototyping
  • Computers w/ Adobe Creative Suite & 3D
  • 5-Axis CNC machine*
  • Photography Booth / Studio
  • Printing




A traditional kitchen with multiple sets of appliances for use, will allow anyone that needs to eat onsite the opportunity to do so without worrying about a wait.


A full service coffee and snack bar is also included in each membership, serviced by Joffreys Coffee Co  and available 24/7.


DAY PASS for Occasional visits

$20 per day


Monday to Friday 9AM to 5PM Come hang. Drink our coffee, use our space, eat our food, and create something that matters.


Shared Work Space + All Amenities MONTHLY

$250 per person


Monthly members have access to all amenities, including conference rooms, free wifi and unlimited use of the café where coffee and other free beverages are always on tap.



Please call 844.INQ.B8ME


Our dedicated private offices accommodate 2-14 people, and your employees can take advantage of all INQB8ME Benefits and Partner Perks, as well as free entrance to all INQB8ME hosted events.





So you think you have the next great business idea, invention or App ready to bring to market and aren’t sure where to start?


INQB8 ME is a shared work space to start, but our main focus and goal is to help hold the hands of people just like the two founders who had to figure out on their own where to go, who to talk to and what questions to ask. Producing a product or designing an app for a first timer and many second/third/fourth timers can be a difficult task. By letting INQB8 ME ‘hold your hand’ through the process and leverage the power of all of our members, we will help assemble a team for you that will net you the end result you’re looking for. With all of the necessary equipment on-site to take an idea and generate a manufacturable design package, including workable prototypes, IQNB8 ME takes the guess work out of ‘where do I go next’.


Additionally, once a month the board of directors will let startups or individuals pitch their ideas to see if we want to bootstrap the entire project for you from start to finish. Where other companies issue grants that can be used for whatever, we provide the funds necessary to complete the design, prototype and take it to manufacturing – leaving you with zero risk and the ability to focus on your work, not whether or not you can survive on credit cards.



                Current projects we are working on.


The VOLT by Faraday Inc

The Volt is a revolutionary new product that uses a precise, focused electric field that can chemically alter the makeup of certain important compounds in a bottle of wine. It will chemically alter them just enough to cause a variance in the the way it smells, tastes and feels in your mouth. We liken this to simulate 'aging' if that particular varietal was able to age.


iDebt is the nation's first self-directed website for those facing constant and illegal harassment from debt collection agencies. We help you, our Clients, STOP the harassing calls from debt collectors, restoring peace in your life.



INBQ8 ME is a first in the Tampa Bay and surrounding areas, maybe even a first in the United States outside of many larger and better funded Fortune 500 companies. INQB8 ME is a full service, one stop facility for entrepreneurs, startups and anyone looking for an all-inclusive shared workspace.


Where others only provide a desk or office for you to work on, INQB8 ME provides everything that one would require to walk in off the street to take the steps needed to turn their dream into a reality. INQB8 ME will provide all of the necessary hardware for one to be successful without any of the unnecessary startup costs associated with many of the things needed to get started. From computers with all the newest software to a fully managed custom PBX with VM and attendant capabilities. To physical hardware that allows individuals to digitally create a product or item and turn it into a fully functioning prototype.


Whether it’s a new product that needs to be 3D printed, to video editing using some of the latest high end software programs, on top of the line computer systems, INQB8 ME is the final solution.



Our motto is simple:

Big things have small beginnings…


You need three things for a successful product/service launch:

  • The idea
  • The money to pay for the support and development of the idea
  • The ability to pull it off
  • From simple web based ideas, custom mobile applications, to more involved physical product development, the team and directors at INQB8 ME have the knowledge and ability to take an idea from the back of a cocktail napkin all the way to product launch. We provide the two things that most people can't and allow an individual without the wherewithal, to bring an idea to fruition.

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